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Wretched City Radio

Dec 13, 2021

A cryptic excerpt of a broadcast lost in the mysteries of time and obscured by unsettling frequencies. You've tuned into the strange sepia light - a dip into an alternate world of surreal noir. The host, James Harlot, discusses various wretched developments and opinions - including the possibility of improvising the news and the mesmerizing dances of the sheriff - with his characteristic existential nonchalance, alternating between pure insanity and sensuous calm.

The show features experimental production and mixing - as well as unusual integration of sound design and effects alongside original music. Our host, James Harlot, will have various guests joining - stay tuned!

Written, performed, mixed and produced by David A. Marin - also known as “DAMARIN”. Music by DAMARIN.

Wretched City Radio is part of a mixed arts project, including a concept album, a novel (coming soon!) and various graphic designs. See more on our website.